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Tired of staring at the same four walls?


Experience breathtaking views and level up with like-minded remote professionals while working remotely.

At Remote Work Villas, we believe that where you work matters; and who you work with matters even more. That's why we've curated the ultimate work-from-paradise experience, complete with breathtaking villas, inspiring views, and a supportive community of growth-minded professionals.

If you are looking for a place to remain accountable to your work, while living around other inspiring people, you've found your tribe. 


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Enjoy the best of both worlds:

work remotely and travel the world

Tap into an awesome community, keep your valuable vacation days and avoid operational headaches


This villa stay comes with:


Villa Amenities

Private bedroom & bathroom

Pool & jacuzzi

Stay-in chef & healthy food

Daily cleaning crew

Professional kitchen

Beautiful views with access to nature
(Playa Bonita beach, waterfalls
& if you are lucky the occasional unicorn)


Remote Work Amenities

High speed wifi

Private desk & public work areas

Anything else you need to do your work (printer, whiteboards)


Community Amenities

Awesome people like you (Highly-vetted community)

A professional Remote Work Villas facilitator

Daily mindfulness activities
(including yoga, meditation and mastermind sessions)


We take care of EVERYTHING 

So that you can focus on what matters to you

We know the hustle and the daily struggles.
We make it easy to focus on connection and work. 

We take care of EVERYTHING

So that you can focus on what matters to you

We know the hustle and the daily struggles.
We make it easy to focus on connection and work. 


Each Villa Stay Comes With:


Villa Amenities

Private Bedroom & Bathroom

Pool & Jacuzzi

Stay-In Chef & Healthy Food

Daily Cleaning Crew

Professional Kitchen

Beautiful Views with Access To Nature
(Beaches, Waterfalls & The Occasional Unicorn)


Remote Work Amenities

High Speed Wifi

Private Desk & Public Work Areas

Anything Else You Need To Do Your Work (Printer, Whiteboards)


Community Amenities

Awesome Growth-Minded People
(Highly-Vetted Community)

A Professional Remote Work Villas Facilitator

Daily Activities Including Yoga, Meditation and Mastermind Sessions


Community Members Also Get Access to...

The Remote Method:

The "Operation Go Abroad" course

Gain access to budgeting templates, private net worth tracker template, subletting your apartment checklist.

Checklist for preparing your stay

What to bring, when to prepare, how to connect with your peers.

Get your company on board process

Learn how to let your employer know & get them excited about it!

Travel resources from many pros

Booking your flights, safety checklists, visas, curated travel website and expert blogs.

Self-development material

Curated material, apps and tools to bring your heroic self and contribute to the masterminds.

Global community

Join our discord channel, gain access to remote work job boards, get inspired from fellow remote workers.

Themed villas stays 

Each villa stay has a growth & mindfulness theme, which includes:
Daily yoga, meditation, breath work, exercise and mastermind sessions.


Additional themes:

  • Founders & CEOs
    (1M+ annual revenue) 
  • Hacker central
    (Devs & tech founders)
  • Scuba diving
  • Skying
  • Mountain biking
  • Family connection
    (Nannies on site) 
  • Wellness retreat
  • & more profession-based and interest-based themes
    Depending on community requests. 


Mastermind: “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

- Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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We are

Remote Work


Remote work is great, but it can get lonely and boring.

That's where Remote Work Villas comes in. Imagine waking up to stunning views and the sound of crashing waves, enjoying morning yoga with new friends, and spending your weekends exploring new regions of the world.

Our mission is to create a platform for people to come together to connect and live in the most beautiful places in the world, doing their best remote work in an inspiring growth-oriented communal environment.

Say goodbye to loneliness and hello to luxury adventure with Remote Work Villas.

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Previous guest testimonials

"I had been working on my book for two years, but was struggling to find the time and focus to finish it.

When I arrived at our Villa, something clicked.

I woke up at 5 a.m. every day and did two hours of deep work before anyone else woke up.

And you know what? I finished my book.
It was an incredible feeling.

Michael D.

"I was in between jobs when I booked my stay at Remote Work Villas.

I had an important interview for a senior management position with Shopify, and I was feeling nervous about it.

Being in such a beautiful and supportive environment gave me the confidence I needed.

And guess what? I got the job!"

Eve-Marie A.

Is this the right opportunity for you?


This is solely for entrepreneurs, employed remote workers and successful freelancers. 

This is not an opportunity to party every night for 2 to 4 weeks. If that's what you are looking for we recommend Selena hostels, where you will get woken up at 3am by the drunk crew.

Here we are living our best remote work lives by advancing ourselves in the most inspiring locations and building lifelong relationships in the process. 

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